Game Strategy Expert & Two-Time World Backgammon Champion

Frank Frigo

About Frank

A game strategy expert and two-time World Backgammon Champion (1994 and 2023). Frank is the co-creator of the first fully customizable simulation model for optimizing NFL in-game strategy, and he is recognized as one of the founding fathers of the NFL analytics revolution.

He is a strategic consultant for professional sports teams, and within the sports betting and gaming industries. Frank has also been featured as a speaker at major universities and corporate events across the United States. His work in decision science, critical thinking and sports analytics has been prominently featured in many major news media outlets including ESPN, NFL Network, The New York Times, Fox Sports, Esquire, CBS, NBC, USA Today, Yahoo Sports, The Athletic, The Ringer and the Showtime Network. He is the principal of F Squared Consulting, LLC and proudly serves as the co-director of the San Diego Backgammon Club.

Strategic Consulting

As an experienced strategist for NFL teams, major commodity funds, and the sports gaming industry, Frank is available for consulting engagements and advisory board roles across a broad range of industries.

Speaking Engagements

Regardless of your specific industry, sport or discipline, everyone can benefit from better decision-making. Frank offers a variety of customizable presentations and interactive sessions that draw upon insights from skill-based games and professional sports. His unique perspectives on winning strategies are sure to engage the audience and heighten their awareness of common cognitive traps.

Game Strategy & Lessons

As a two-time Backgammon world champion & experienced teacher, Frank is available for private or group backgammon lessons. Frank also offers game strategy consulting in optimizing win probability for NFL, NCAA & high school football programs, as well as other competitive sports.


Expert commentary on game strategy and sports betting markets, unique perspectives on game match-ups and outcomes, and customized analysis of coaching decisions.

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